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    Central Sand Inc. provides a variety of services due to the site specific nature of dredging. We will adapt our means and methods to suit most any conditions.  Below are a list of our services and attributes.
  • Inland Dredging
  • Intracoastal Dredging
  • Marina Maintenance
  • Sediment and Muck Removal
  • Complete Site Preparation
  • Spoil Site Management
  • Installation of Erosion Control Devices
  • MSHA Certified
  • 24 Hour Capability
  • Certified in HDPE Pipe Fusion
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Inspector Certified
  • Dredging Depths to 42 Feet
  • Certified Workmanship
  • Licensed and Insurred
HDPE pipe fusion by certified Central Sand employees
A slurry of sand and water transported thousands of feet from the dredge site with virtually zero impact on surrounding plant and wildlife.
Beach restoration work in which sand from an inland source is dumped on the beach and spread by equipment to the template engineered by the Army Corp of Engineers.
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