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    Brevard County Beach Restoration, FL 2005
Central Sand Inc. dredged more than 300,000 cubic yards of certified beach sand that was transported to local beaches damaged by hurricanes in the Atlantic.
Brevard County Beach Restoration, FL 2006
Central Sand Inc. dredged 170,000 cubic yards of certified beach sand for Brevard County's beaches. CSI worked around the clock to process sand materials for delivery to local beaches, staying ahead of schedule in order to avoid conflict with the sea turtle nesting season.

Private Dredge and Fill Projects, FL 2007
Central Sand Inc. dredged and hauled fill materials for commercial real estate developers. CSI also completed a marina maintenance project for Whitley Bay Marina in Cocoa, FL. Sediment was removed from over 100 boat slips, sludge materials were hauled in sealed trucks for disposal.  
Kennedy Space Center Dredge Soil Management Site 2008
Central Sand dredged and hauled 50,000 cubic yards of certified embankment materials for the Florida Inland Navigation District. This site will be used to manage spoil materials from future Army Corps of Engineers projects in the Intracoastal.    
Corkscrew Treatment Plant Sludge Removal Estro, FL 2009
Central Sand Inc. mechanically dredged and disposed of 30,000 cubic yards of lime residuals from treatment lagoon #1 at the Corkscrew Water Treatment Facility. 
Indian River County Sector 3 Beach Re-nourishment 2010
Central Sand Inc. dredged 110,000 cubic yards of beach sand to satisfy phase two of a three phase contract with Indian River County, FL. This project was the first of its kind in IRC, providing all of the required sand from an upland source. 
   Brian Davis Sand Mine Sebastian, FL 2011
Central Sand Inc. dredged 115,000 cubic yards of specialized sand.

Brevard County Beach Restoration Project 2013-2014
Central Sand Inc. dredged 275,000 cubic yards of certified beach sand staying within spec throughout the process and finishing on time with no liquidated damages imposed on the project.
Manatee Cove Marina and Main Entrance Channel from the Banana River Patrick Airforce Base  Melbourne, FL 2014
Central Sand Inc. dredged 2,000 cubic yards of material from the mouth of the channel and inside the basin at the Manatee Cove Marina at Patrick Airforce Base. This project included turbidity testing and manatee safety concerns as well as zero return water to the basin which required adaptive means and methods. This project was also completed on time with zero delay. 

Manatee Cove Golf Course  Patrick Aifrorce Base  Melbourne, FL 2015
Central Sand Inc. dredged 50,000 cubic yards from various ponds around the golf course as part of an effort to clean up the accumulated muck and increase storm water storage capacity. This project required pumping long distances and creative thinking as to impact the operation of the grounds maintenance and golfer play as little as possible. The spoils from the different ponds were also mixed and graded to match the existing contours of the course. 

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